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  • Vitek

    Label: Monolith Audio

    Web: www.vitek.ch


    Vitek attends the music scene in 1994. Since then he's one of the most active Artists, influencing the evolution of Switzerlands club music also from background. Monolith Audio is his last shot: As major label and music publisher he's helping young labels and artist to join the international market.

  • Evolent

    Label: Freunde Elektronischer Musik

    Web: www.evolent.ch


    Evolent stands for continuous progression; an endless search for new sounds and musical elements. New rhythms are mixed together with existing pieces, to eventually get to another level where some new sound is born.

  • Juzz

    Label: Freunde Elektronischer Musik

    Web: www.juzz-music.com


    Juzz is surely the most present name in Zurichs Deep House scene nowadays.

  • F.E.M. Ensemble (live)

    Label: Freunde Elektronischer Musik

    Web: FEM Online


    F.E.M-Ensemble is the stage project of Evolent, Juzz an Dos Secondos. As a 5-men-army they perform groundbreakting sets live.

  • Skaos

    Label: Monolith Audio

    Web: Skaos on Facebook


    Skaos is surely the most consistent Dj in Switzerlands Techno Scene. Since 1992 he's always present.

  • Liv Stone

    Label: Abzolut (Spinnin) / Monolith Audio

    Web: www.liv-stone.com


    This good-looking young lady is well known because of some collaborations, which reached top ten charts on beatport.

  • Dos Secondos

    Label: Freunde Elektronischer Musik

    Web: Dos Secondos on Facebook


    A dj- and live-performing duo who rocks Zurichs nightlife since 2005. The Dos Secondos guys are also member of the F.E.M Ensemble and have already released on Sun Sun Records.

  • Michal Ho

    Label: Freunde Elektronischer Musik

    Web: Michal Ho on Facebook


    Michal Holy has been playing out his own music since 1994, in a variety of intonations. He has been releasing on vinyl since 1999 on various labels. As Michal Ho, he produces and plays live what some would call four-to-the-floor, in whatever flavor he pleases. He is currently working on releases for the labels NiceTry and TuningSpork, as well as doing remix work for other artists.

  • Monkey Maffia

    Label: Freunde Elektronischer Musik

    Web: www.monkeymaffia.de


    A real cosmopolitan with a deep love for his home, a gentleman in a bear suit, and a free thinker as opposed to a drone is known as one of the most creative distribution centers of electronic music. Explosiveness bound together with a deepness as his modus operandi.